Windows Woz ‘Ere

Yeah I put an apostrophe in ‘ere, what of it! I’m a geek not a grafiti artist after all… So, Windows. Anyone remember installing operating systems? I do. Back in my youth I installed operating systems all the time. Sometimes several times a day. Youngsters may not get the joke, but anyone around in the … [Read more…]

The secret to success

I’ve invented a pie machine. It makes the best pies you ever tasted, and you can put anything you like in it. If you put apples in the machine, you’ll get the best apple pie you ever tried out the other end. If you put beef in, you’ll get an amazing beef pie. You can … [Read more…]

Is HA dead? Long live HA!

Traditionally HA, or high availability has been done at the service level. This has worked well enough thanks to various work arounds. We used queues within the services, quorum drives and other techniques to try to avoid data loss. These methods still work just fine, but are they the best way forwards in a world … [Read more…]

Cloud Architectures

First post on a new blog. In the spirit of what I plan to do with the site, this one will be about architecture generally in the cloud. Cloud is not the same as traditional on premises infrastructure. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who actually had a private cloud then you’ll probably be … [Read more…]